Community Stories: Patricia Johnson

Published on septiembre 21, 2022 in

There’s something about fashion. It’s more than just what we buy off the rack and put in our closet. It’s a feeling and a way of expressing yourself. I think the people of Detroit get that. We’re fashion originators. We have a style that’s all our own and it’s recognizable. It’s been that way for generations.

I was born loving fashion, but my dad really helped to reinforce it for me. I remember being a little girl and just watching him get dressed and leave out. My daddy was always sharp from head to toe! Dressing well was a source of pride for him, and it became a source of pride for me.

Fashion has changed a lot since the pandemic. It’s like people don’t get dressed like they used to. I don’t like it – I want to go back to REALLY dressing because I think it makes people feel good. Yes, I own a boutique but it’s not like a job for me. I really do enjoy seeing people smile. When they look good, they feel good. That’s what it’s about. It doesn’t have to be expensive things – just things that make you feel good.

I meet so many amazing people doing what I do. I also work for the government full-time. I encourage everyone to have a side hustle – something that brings them money and joy – something they can take ownership in, grow and be proud of.

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