Need help paying utility bills? We can help you with that.

MEAP (Michigan Energy Assistance Program) is a statewide program providing assistance with energy bills.  United Way can provide MEAP assistance statewide. You can also dial 2-1-1 for all other types of assistance — including food, housing and rent.

To be enrolled in MEAP, you must be approved for State Emergency Relief (SER) first. You will need documentation including your most recent utility bill, ID, and pay stubs/benefit statements for all household members.

If you’ve already applied for utility assistance through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services SER application and would like to additionally apply for affordable payment plans, including DTE Energy’s LSP program, Consumer’s Energy’s CARE program and Semco Energy Gas Company’s Monthly Assistance Program (MAP), please click here.

WRAP (Water Residential Assistance Program) provides assistance with water bills based on your household income. United Way can provide WRAP assistance for Oakland County residents only. WRAP is available in other counties through other entities listed below. Anyone in the state can also dial 2-1-1 to find your nearest WRAP provider.


Choose United Way for Southeastern Michigan as your referral provider, using referral provider number 216993-004, to access additional support services, such as LSP, budget coaching and other resources.

To qualify for SER, you must meet a number of requirements. In general, eligibility is based on the number of individuals in your household, your monthly income and your countable cash assets over $50. Some assets such as homestead, one vehicle, personal and household goods are excluded.
Apply for SER


Documents needed for MEAP:

  • Most recent utility bill
  • SER approval letter

Documents needed for WRAP:

  • SER approval letter or paystubs/benefit statements for the last 30 days

Once United Way has received your application, please allow 10 business days for processing.

In a county not listed above? Dial 2-1-1 to be connected to your nearest WRAP provider!

Have unanswered questions about MEAP or WRAP? Dial 2-1-1 24 hours a day/seven days a week or for more information, call 1-844-211-4994 toll free from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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