ways to give and make a difference


Give through a group

Connect with like-minded peers to make a larger impact, together.
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Give stock

Get instructions on how to make a gift via a stock transfer.
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Donor advised funds

Recommend a grant or set up recurring grants from your Donor Advised Fund.
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Leave a legacy gift

Include United Way in your will or estate through an outright bequest, retirement plan assets or life insurance.
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Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Donate cryptocurrency through our trusted partner Free Will.
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Make an IRA Charitable Distribution

Make a qualified charitable distribution through your IRA.
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Click here for our 2023 Tax Benefits for Charitable Giving Guide.

If you have questions or are interested in giving in a different way, please contact Ashleigh Imerman at Ashleigh.Imerman@UnitedWaySEM.org or 313-226-9333.