United Way for Southeastern Michigan applauds Governor’s guidance regarding face coverings in child care facilities

We applaud the governor’s action today regarding the safety of our children and child care providers. As we know from research, this measure will help reduce the spread of COVID-19, which continues to devastate communities across the country.

As the Early Childhood Support Network in our region, United Way for Southeastern Michigan has the responsibility of encouraging, promoting and assuring access to high quality child care for all families. The health and safety of children being cared for in local child care facilities must be priority number one. Only then can quality care be provided. A cornerstone of our work is supporting the creation of spaces where children’s health and safety are top priorities. Stable households can only exist when adults can trust that their children are in safe and healthy circumstances.

The governor has been strategic and responsive to new medical and public health recommendations as they become available and the threat of COVID-19 is better understood. These guidelines appear to be based on best medical and public health advice available and we very much appreciate that on behalf of the families and providers we serve.