Community stories: Marcellius Glazier, Detroit

Published on July 19, 2022 in

I don’t know what’s going on with the formula shortage or how it even got this bad for this long. I’m an assistant manager at Walmart and if I can’t get the formula my 6-month-old son needs, basically no one can. I’ve been to as many as 10 stores – wasting gas – only to find empty shelves. You might find a few brands but none of the Similac Pro-Advance, which is the only formula my son will drink. When I saw the Destined for Greatness post on Facebook saying they were giving away formula, I made sure I was the first one in line. It’s good because a lot of people who came were also able to get food, diapers, clothes and other things they need. It’s a major relief to not have to worry about driving all over to look for formula this week. Shadora is working her magic to make sure our babies aren’t going without.

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