Community Stories: Burnice Crutchfield

Published on April 11, 2023

Burnice Crutchfield, pictured with Nelda Frazier, Southgate

You just have to smile looking at all these groceries.

Fish & Loaves is such a blessing – it really is. The people are nice and it’s more like shopping at a store. No one wants to feel like they’re asking for a handout. 

I was able to get meat, vegetables, fruit, soup and snacks – stuff that’s unaffordable at the grocery stores these days.

I’m 77. I used to get SNAP benefits, but they stopped those when I got my Social Security cost-of-living increase. I wasn’t having to come to Fish & Loaves when I had SNAP. 

It’s like soon as you get a little more, they take something from you.

Before I came here, I did have to cut back when prices went up – stuff like cereal, eggs, even milk. My friend Nelda told me about this place. Now we’re shopping together.

I’m a retired daycare teacher. It means the world to get a little extra help right now and not have to worry about food.