Five easy, healthy school lunch ideas

Parents: You survived the first week of school. Congrats! With kids back in the school habit, making sure they have the fuel they need to power through their day is essential. Here are some school lunch ideas that are healthy and simple.

Whether your child participates in school lunch or opts to bring lunch from home, this meal plays a critical role in filling nutrient gaps and providing kids the energy they need to concentrate and learn throughout the school day. If you’re packing your child a lunch, aim for balance and variety. Include lean protein, high-fiber whole grains, healthy fats and colorful fruits and vegetables. Some simple, balanced lunch ideas include:

Monday – Hummus Veggie Wrap

Hummus and veggies with whole grain pita or crackers and sliced strawberries.


Tuesday – Build Your Own Tostadas

Let kids build their own tostadas with whole grain shells, refried beans, low-fat cheese, lettuce, tomato and salsa. Add apple slices on the side.


Wednesday – Macaroni Meets Broccoli

Whole grain mac and cheese mixed with diced broccoli and chicken and a side of cantaloupe.


Thursday – Tuna Pita Pocket

Chicken or tuna salad in a whole grain pita pocket served with cherry tomatoes and a banana.


Friday — Finger Foods

Whole grain crackers with a hardboiled egg, a couple slices of cheese, clementines and snap peas.