Digital Inclusion Week 2022: Youth Engagement RFP


Connect 313 is a city-wide, data-driven digital inclusion strategy that brings countless organizations together with the bold goal to make Detroit a national model for digital inclusion and ensure all Detroiters can access the digital world and the opportunity it brings.

The mission of Connect 313 is to put in place by 2024 the means for all Detroiters to have access to appropriate devices, internet connections, technical support and digital resources for improved learning, employment and wellbeing.

To achieve its mission, Connect 313 focuses on supporting the broader Detroit digital equity ecosystem by engaging in policy advocacy efforts, facilitating community governance and organizing to administer the Connect 313 Fund, and spearheading a robust data operation.

What is Digital Inclusion Week?

Digital Inclusion Week is an annual week of awareness, celebration, recognition and engagement of all things digital inclusion focused. This national event provides a stage for stakeholders and practitioners who focus on efforts to bridge the digital divide to share their progress, while also engaging members of the community who are being impacted by their efforts.

In its fourth year hosting Detroit Digital Inclusion Week (DIW2022), Connect 313 seeks to reach every core stakeholder, engage its residents and continue to solidify its position as the national model for digital inclusion efforts. Over five exciting days, Connect 313 will lead DIW2022 efforts by celebrating organizations and leaders who have made a difference in our community, educating local and national stakeholders on Connect 313 digital inclusion initiatives, activating partnerships and leading exciting activities to increase community engagement and connecting residents to information and resources.

Project Description

Connect 313 will lead planning and managing logistics and content-specific needs for the broader framing of Digital Inclusion Week 2022, occurring Oct. 3-7. Connect 313 is seeking proposals from interested parties to curate and lead efforts for the youth engagement day during DIW2022 on Oct. 7. More details, such as location, will be communicated once a vendor is selected. Proposals that ensure school-aged youth are engaged, educated and empowered to explore the digital world will be highly prioritized.

The selected partner will develop a full day of programming that will excite and engage Detroit youth during DIW2022. Additionally, they will identify learning opportunities, solidify youth engagement strategies and identify partner organizations who can provide messaging support to ensure robust attendance from Detroit youth during the day.

Contractor Eligibility

Proposals will be accepted from individuals, organizations (for-profit or nonprofit), or other collaborative arrangements that:

  1. Are qualified to conduct business in the State of Michigan and the City of Detroit.
  2. Are in a corporation or a limited liability corporation (LLC) in good standing with the Secretary of State.

Appropriate insurance coverage is required, including a minimum comprehensive liability limit not to be less than $500,000 and general liability insurance with a coverage limit of not less than $500,000.

Proposers shall have substantial experience with:

  • Providing professional, effective communication and coordination of services.
  • Producing quality events geared toward youth.
  • Devising, implementing and coordinating marketing campaigns and promotions to promote event amongst target audience.
  • Coordinating with multiple parties to meet deadlines.


  • Produce an impactful digital empowerment event geared toward school-aged youth
  • Develop communications and brand support to assist Connect 313 in promoting the events


Proposers shall submit proposals electronically to by 5 p.m. on Aug. 31. Inquiries regarding this RFP may be submitted to no later than 3 p.m. on Aug. 30.


Proposals shall include, at a minimum, the following items:

  • Cover Letter. A one-page cover letter containing:
    • the name of the person(s) authorized to represent the Proposer in negotiating and signing any agreement which may result from the proposal;
    • Entity name and address;
    • Phone, website, and email address
  • Name and qualifications of the individuals who will provide the requested services and a current résumé for each, including a description of qualifications, skills, and responsibilities.
  • Approach/Work Plan. Describe how the Proposer approaches marketing and communications projects. How do you assist clients in using existing resources and leveraging the work you provide for them?
  • Experience/Work Samples. Provide previous work examples that demonstrate how you meet the experience requirements listed in the Qualifications and Experience sections of this RFP. In addition, submit one project undertaken in the past three years (preferably for non-profit) that involved services similar to the services listed in the Scope of Services of this RFP. For each example, provide the following information:
    • The scope and goals of the project and how success was measured.
    • A description of your role in the project and, if applicable, a description of the work of other contractors.
    • Identify individuals you identified under “Staffing” and who worked on the project and describe their role.
    • Provide a reference for the project – client’s name, title, email address and telephone number.
    • If applicable, attach relevant work samples or a visual representation of the work (for example, a URL for a website, a printed screenshot, etc.).
  • Cost/Budget. Provide hourly rates or other fee structures for the services listed in the Scope of Services of this RFP.
  • Explain Proposer’s workload capacity and level of experience commensurate with the level of service required by Connect 313.
  • Sub-consultants. A list of the tasks, responsibilities, and qualifications of any sub-consultants proposed to be used on a routine basis.
  • Written affirmation that the firm has a policy of nondiscrimination in employment because of race, age, color, sex, religion, national origin, mental or physical handicap, political affiliation, marital status or other protected class, and has a drug-free workplace policy.
  • Local Resources. Describe your proposed use of local businesses and markets in and around Detroit. Include the steps you have taken in the past to support local businesses and promote community involvement, as well as the steps you would take if selected for this project.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals meeting the above minimum qualifications will be evaluated by Connect 313 using the following criteria:

(50) Specialized experience in the type of work to be performed, specifically including work in an event of similar size and geographic location to Digital Inclusion Week.

(40) Qualifications and experience of the staff assigned by Proposer to perform these services.

(20) Quality of proposed approach/work plan.

(20) Quality of work samples.

(30) Familiarity with digital inclusion, youth engagement and technology-based education, and supporting non-profits.

(40) Availability and capability to perform the services described in this RFP.

(20) Overall cost of the contract.

(__) Interview (if conducted).

Total Maximum Points = 220

Proposals submitted from Detroit-based partners with youth engagement experience will have special consideration. Interviews may be requested prior to final selection. Awards will be made to the highest-ranked proposal according to the evaluation criteria. If contract negotiations are unsuccessful with the highest-ranked proposal, Connect 313 reserves the right to enter negotiations with the next highest-ranked proposal.


Connect 313 desires to enter into a professional services agreement, which includes all necessary DIW2022 youth engagement related initiatives, whether the services are specifically outlined in this RFP. The selected organization will be expected to sign a written agreement, which will incorporate this RFP and the awardee’s proposal. Negotiations shall be limited to terms Connect 313 chooses to negotiate, at Connect 313’s sole discretion. Connect 313 anticipates payment for services on a project milestone basis. However, Connect 313 will also consider alternative proposals. Connect 313 reserves the right to negotiate a compensation package that is fair and reasonable to Connect 313, as determined solely by Connect 313. It is anticipated that Connect 313 will enter a one year agreement, which thereafter may be extended upon written consent of both parties for an additional one year term.