Request for Application: Community Organizing Manager

Connect 313 Overview

Connect 313 is a city-wide, data-driven digital inclusion strategy that brings countless organizations together with the bold goal to make Detroit a national model for digital inclusion and ensure all Detroiters can access the digital world and the opportunity it brings.

The mission of Connect 313 is to put in place by 2024 the means for all Detroiters to have access to appropriate devices, internet connections, technical support, and digital resources for improved learning, employment, and wellbeing.

To achieve its mission, Connect 313 focuses on supporting the broader Detroit digital equity ecosystem by engaging in policy advocacy efforts, facilitating community governance, and organizing to administer the Connect 313 Fund, and spearheading a robust data operation.

Scope & Overview: Connect 313 Community Organizing Program

The role of Community Organizer has been created to operationalize and expand the efforts of Connect 313 by offering each of the seven districts of Detroit access to their own Connect 313 Community Organizer, who will serve as a recruiter of members, resource liaison, and advocate for digital inclusion by organizing groups of people who share common goals. Community Organizers report to a local nonprofit or community development corporation, who serves as their host organization and central hub for community engagement.

The Community Organizing Manager will work in tandem with the Connect 313 management team to effectively manage the Community Organizing program. This is a role focused on managing the beginning of an organizing campaign with a heavy emphasis on coalition building and public engagement. This will involve working with Connect 313 leadership to execute an engagement program that sets clear goals, establishes systems of accountability, and tracks progress toward a range of objectives.

The Manager will also be responsible for rolling out a training curriculum for staff and volunteers. The position will require poise and comfort dealing with the Connect 313 leadership team, leaders from local partner organizations, and other organizers. The prime candidate will be passionately committed to our mission, able to think strategically and act pragmatically, willing to work with anyone who can help (regardless of party or ideology), and creative about bringing the stories, data, and facts about the digital divide to state legislators, Congress, the media, and the general public.


Preferred Qualifications & Qualities

 Compensation Structure

The Connect 313 Community Organizing Manager role is structured as an independent contract. The person or organization selected will contract with United Way for Southeastern Michigan, the fiduciary partner of Connect 313. The Community Organizing Manager will be compensated on a contractual basis up to $5,000 monthly, (up to $60,000 annually) for an initial 12-month contract that is renewable based on the performance and completion of year 1 objectives.

Contractor Eligibility

Proposals will be accepted from organizations with a dedicated individual(s), that:

  1. Are qualified to conduct business in the State of Michigan and the City of Detroit.
  2. Are in a corporation or a limited liability corporation (LLC) in good standing with the Secretary of State.
  3. Appropriate insurance coverage is required, including a minimum comprehensive liability limit not to be less than $500,000 and general liability insurance with a coverage limit of not less than $500,000.

Proposals will be accepted from individuals who have substantial experience and success with the following:



Proposers shall submit proposals electronically to by 5 p.m. on Sept. 30, 2022. Inquiries regarding this RFP may be submitted to no later than Sept. 28, 2022, by 3 p.m.


Individual applications shall include, at a minimum, the following items:

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals meeting the above minimum qualifications will be evaluated by Connect 313 using the following criteria:

(50) Specialized experience in the type of work to be performed, specifically including coalition building and team development.
(40) Qualifications and experience of the individual to perform this scope of work.
(20) Quality of proposed approach/work plan.
(20) Quality of work samples.
(30) Familiarity with digital inclusion, community organizing, coalition building, and team management.
(40) Availability and capability to perform the services described in this RFP.
(20) Overall cost of the contract.
(__) Interview (if conducted)
220 = Total Maximum Points

Proposals submitted from Detroit-based proposers will have special consideration. Interviews may be requested prior to final selection. Awards will be made to the highest-ranked proposal according to the evaluation criteria. If contract negotiations are unsuccessful with the highest-ranked proposal, Connect 313 reserves the right to enter negotiations with the next highest-ranked proposal.


Connect 313 desires to enter into a professional services agreement, which includes all necessary community-organizing-related initiatives, whether the services are specifically outlined in this RFP. The selected proposer will be expected to sign a written agreement, which will incorporate this RFP and the awardee’s proposal. Negotiations shall be limited to terms Connect 313 chooses to negotiate, at Connect 313’s sole discretion. Connect 313 anticipates payment for services on a monthly invoice basis. However, Connect 313 will also consider alternative proposals. Connect 313 reserves the right to negotiate a compensation package that is fair and reasonable to Connect 313, as determined solely by Connect 313. It is anticipated that Connect 313 will enter a one (1) year agreement, which thereafter may be extended upon written consent of both parties for an additional one (1) year term.