2024 Equity Challenge Day 16: Friday Weekly Self Check-In, Review and Community Action Day

▶ LISTEN TO DAY 16 – 4:48

Welcome to your third and final weekly self-check-in of the 2024 21-Day Equity Challenge. Each Friday, we will pause to make space for you to reflect on your equity journey so far and offer an opportunity to engage in our Community Action Friday project.

It’s important to check in with yourself on what you’re both learning and un-learning, what topics you may want to revisit, and what topics you want to take more action on (now/and or after the challenge). We encourage you to use today to review the challenge materials so far.

The topics from this week were:

Day 12: Navigating Access to Health Care

Day 13: Weight Bias

Day 14: Environmental Injustice: Exploring the Roots of Environmental Racism

Day 15: Weight Bias & Anti-Fatness in Health Care

As you review the past challenge days, we encourage you to keep a running note or journal on your reflections and ideas for action.



  • Want to take part in our virtual action day taking place all challenge long? You can sign up on our volunteer portal and support our book drive to fill United Way’s Little Free Libraries through June 14, no matter where you live. This initiative helps increase free access to reading materials in our community. Anyone can participate in this virtual opportunity (even if you’re outside of Michigan). Follow this link for more information including which books to buy and where to send them.
  • As the challenge enters its last week, we encourage you to reflect on what you’ve learned, what actions you’ve taken so far and which people in your community you’ve connected with. What other action items can you take this week or after the challenge? Can you use the challenge as a starting point for a conversation with someone in your life to create change?
    • Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, what tools can you take from the challenge to apply to your life? Start to pull them out and bookmark/make a folder to return to later
  • Review interviews from community organizations working on topics from this year’s Equity Challenge with WEMU.
  • Share your reflections from week three of the challenge on our virtual Word Cloud.

Reflect And Share

  1. How does this information about early childhood and the cost of care compare with your own experiences as a parent or caregiver? If you are not a parent or caregiver, what does today’s information mean to you as a community member?
  2. When you think about the racialized impacts of racism, poverty, and trauma, what comes up for you? What haven’t you considered previously?
  3. What will you shift based on what you’ve learned today?


Start the conversation. Send the tweet. Share your story. Make the Facebook post. Sharing what you learn and experience with your family, friends, and co-workers is the first step toward allyship.

Join thousands in conversation by using hashtag #RiseToTheChallenge.