It’s your money. Claim it.

Thousands of dollars in cash benefits are available when you file your taxes, even if you do not usually file taxes.

You may not think you are eligible, but you likely are. If your total income is less than $60,000 you likely have one or more cash benefits waiting and tax prep services are at no cost to you.

Our tax experts at Accounting Aid Society and Wayne Metro can help claim your cash payments that are available through the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and many more!

Exact details vary based on the specific tax credit, your tax filing status and the number of people in your household. Some, but not all, tax credits require that you or your children have a Social Security Number.

Here are some examples of situations that qualify for cash payments:

  • You earned at least some money from work in 2022.
  • You are a parent, guardian or caregiver of a child who lives with you at least half of the year, and you earned at least $2,500 from work in 2022.
  • You care for a child or adult who is disabled.
  • You paid money in 2022 for rent, property taxes, or for gas/electric to heat your home.

If your total income is more than $60,000, you may qualify for valuable tax credits. However, you do not qualify for a no-cost tax preparation appointment.

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Common Questions

Worried about filing your taxes? Find answers to some of the most common concerns we heard from Detroit filers.

I didn’t file last year. So why should I file this year?

Even if you have not filed taxes in a while, you can still benefit from filing your tax return this year. You may have thousands of dollars waiting for you in unclaimed cash payments!

I’m concerned that I’m going to owe and can’t afford to pay my taxes, so isn’t it better to not file taxes?

You won’t know whether, and how much, you owe until you actually file. It’s possible you might get a pleasant surprise and have a refund instead!

If you do owe, it’s better to file before the deadline and set up a payment plan with the IRS rather than not file at all. Back taxes will pile up, and the longer you have gone without filing, the more you may owe in penalties and fees. You may be eligible for the Child Tax Credit, which could offset up to $2,000 per child of back taxes owed.

What happens if there’s a mistake on my taxes? Or if I get audited?

We’ve got your back. Our non-profit, IRS-certified tax experts at Accounting Aid Society and Wayne Metro have higher accuracy rates than the big for-profit tax prep companies.

If you have received an audit letter from the IRS, we can help! The Accounting Aid Society has a special service just for helping people deal with the IRS. To get help with an IRS letter, just make a regular tax appointment with the Accounting Aid Society and we’ll pair you with the right tax expert.

What if I have missed filing in past years? Will the tax experts help me file previous years taxes?

Yes! During the main tax season (from January through April 15), our tax experts focus on filing current-year taxes so we can help as many people as possible. During the summer and fall, we offer appointments to file prior-year tax returns and claim your payments for previous years. Schedule an appointment today to complete your current-year taxes and come back for a second appointment during the summer to complete your prior-year taxes.

Why should I file taxes when I don’t make enough money to bother? I was out of work in 2022.

More and more, the federal government is using the IRS to distribute benefits. When you file your taxes, you may find that you are owed cash benefits! If you worked even a little bit, you may be eligible to receive extra money through the Earned Income Tax Credit. And the Child Tax Credit provides up to $2,000 per child to parents, guardians and caregivers of dependent children, so long as you earned at least $2,500 in the last year. Even people who did not earn much in 2022 can still receive a big refund. You may also qualify for Michigan tax credits, which do not require any earned income.

I do not work and my only income comes from Social Security payments. Do I qualify for these cash benefits?

If you have no income from work, you may qualify for tax-time benefits through the State of Michigan to help you cover the cost of heating and owning or renting your home. If you have even a little bit of income from work—from a part-time job or self-employment—you may qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. If you are a parent or guardian and earned at least $2,500 from work in 2022, you may qualify for the Child Tax Credit, worth up to $2,000 per child. Our tax experts at Accounting Aid Society and Wayne Metro can help you figure out your eligibility and claim your cash payments.

I missed the deadline, can I still file?

Yes! There’s no penalty for filing late if you receive a refund. Even if you do owe money, it’s best to file as soon as possible to minimize penalties. Get expert help filing your taxes at no cost to you.
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