Seasons of Caring

Volunteer Hour Tracker
Volunteer Hour Tracker
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United Way’s Seasons of Caring connects individuals, professional teams, school and church groups and entire organizations to meaningful volunteer work. Each season, we’ll focus on one area where you can make a difference as a volunteer:

  • Helping people make sure their basic needs are met.
  • Connecting individuals with resources to help them provide for their families.
  • Supporting parents and caregivers so they can help their children learn and grow.
  • Helping children succeed in school.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be a full-time job. You don’t have to be strong or skilled or full of energy. You don’t even have to wake up early on Saturday—  unless you want to. You can volunteer out in your community, or you can make a difference from the comfort of your home. Painting fences. Pulling weeds. Teaching kids to read. Helping a senior citizen file their taxes. Handing a resource booklet to your neighbor. Telling people where to go to vote.


Join United Way as a volunteer and make a difference this season—and every season.

Prepare families for a prosperous year


Each January, we know it’s time to file our taxes and get our post-holiday finances in order. But for some families in our region, it can be a struggle to become financially stable — and without stability, people can’t improve their credit scores, save money and find better jobs.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Guide children from bib to backpack


A child’s education begins long before they set foot in a classroom. But 40 percent of the children in our region will enter kindergarten unprepared for school. Parents and caregivers need support to guide their children along a path of lifelong learning and success — and you can help.

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Give students a better back-to-school


A happier school year starts with a healthy summer. From providing children with programs to help them learn and grow to ensuring they have nutritious food, summertime volunteers help students stay on top of their education, preparing them for success in the classroom, college and their chosen career path.

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Build a stronger safety net


People can’t thrive unless their basic needs are met. And when the temperatures start to drop, needs rise. Each year, United Way receives more than 200,000 calls from people seeking help with things like food, housing and utility bills.

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We’ve launched the COVID-19 Response Fund with our partners to help those affected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Learn more and make a donation today.