Every year, United Way 2-1-1 helps thousands of individuals and families in need. From emergency housing to water and utility shutoffs to food pantries, United Way is there — not only to help people in crisis, but to connect households with the programs and resources that can put them on the path toward stability.

The interactive dashboard below allows you to explore how connections, service requests and referrals differ across our region. Learn about unmet referral needs, the top referral agencies, and website data. Click on a chart to see how the data updates based on your selection and use the filters on the right-hand side of the dashboard to adjust the timeframe and geography.

Note: Data is updated daily. Interactive dashboard functionality may work best viewed on a desktop computer. For additional information, please contact United Way for Southeastern Michigan.


2-1-1 Quarterly Reports

The Quarterly Reports and Unmet Needs dashboard gives an in-depth look at the contacts made to 2-1-1 and how we’re able to meet community need.

It also shows where, due to eligibility, inaccessibility and a lack of resources, callers are unable to be connected with resources. This is important to understand the gaps in services that still exist, especially during times when need is high, like during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: See below for downloadable PDFs of quarterly reports.