Learn United Tour

NOTE: We are revamping our Learn United Experience as we get settled in at our new offices in the Fisher Building. We will list public tour opportunities when they are available.

A Learn United Tour is an interactive tour focused on United Way for Southeastern Michigan’s work in the community. During the one-hour tour, you’ll learn how we help children get a great start in life, make sure all children receive nutritious meals year-round and provide high school students with the tools and experience needed for their next step in life.

In addition to learning more about the work that you help make possible, you will participate in an interactive Cost of Living simulation. Through this simulation, you’ll learn about the challenges that families in our region face when accessing housing, food, education, child care and health care. You’ll also learn about what United Way is doing to address these issues.

Whether you are a long time donor, volunteer, advocate, or new to United Way, we invite you to join us for this one-hour tour. Your support is an essential part of our mission!

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If you would like to schedule a private tour for your group, please email Courtney Ochalek.