August 21, 2017

Volunteer Spotlight: Pierce Ortlieb

Pierce Ortlieb is a Grand Valley State University student and a Grand Rapids resident. But this summer, he’s making sure people in Southeastern Michigan can access the food they need.

While interning with FCA this summer, he volunteered with Gleaners Community Food Bank and Forgotten Harvest, making sandwiches and planting broccoli. He also volunteered with our Meet Up and Eat Up summer meals program, helping out at a community block party.

“I really wanted to immerse myself in the surrounding communities and give back as much as I could. Things do not get better unless people help each other out,” Pierce said.

A desire to volunteer

Serving in the Marine Corps for four years before starting college contributed to Pierce’s desire to volunteer.

“That really nailed down my trajectory in wanting to give back to people,” he said. “We are all in this together.”

When he isn’t volunteering or working, Pierce is at Comerica Park watching the Tigers play.

As a resident of the west side of the state, Pierce follows the team from a distance. This summer, he married his love for this area with his baseball fandom.

“That has been my favorite experience being out here,” he said. “If you get the seats in the upper level, you get this beautiful, night time, sun down, clouds-in-the-sky view of the city.”

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