Improve Transit, Improve Lives

The Regional Transit Authority’s proposed transit plan was stopped at the polls in 2016, making our efforts to improve transit in Southeastern Michigan more important than ever.

For decades, our region has suffered from a disjointed and unreliable transit system that fails to meet the needs of residents. Overwhelming evidence demonstrates the positive impact coordinated and efficient regional transit systems have on communities throughout the country. United Way for Southeastern Michigan is committed to sharing information about the many economic, health, environmental and overall quality of life benefits such an asset would bring to Greater Detroit.

While United Way for Southeastern Michigan is not a transit-focused organization, we recognize that quality public transit —or the lack thereof, in the case of Metro Detroit — impacts every single person in the region and is directly connected to the work we focus on every day, including:

Sandy and Tommeia go over budgets.

Financial Stability

While our 2-1-1 call center works to connect job seekers with available employment opportunities and our Centers for Working Families help people raise their credit scores and grow their family’s financial assets, we know that in order to become or remain financially fit, people must be able to get to work.



Infrequent, inconsistent bus service with poorly planned routes is not meeting the needs of families who are trying to get children to schools located outside the reach of many neighborhoods.


Health & Basic Needs

We are committed to making sure that everyone in Greater Detroit has access to nutritious foods. Unfortunately, the lack of quality public transportation makes it difficult for many families to reach local grocery stores, farmers markets or Meet Up and Eat Up sites.

The lack of reliable, safe, quality regional transportation has burdened our families and suppressed the economic development of our community for generations. We know the initial Regional Transit Authority plan was just the beginning of what our region is capable of. We are committed to continuing to fight for a more connected and reliable regional transportation system that will benefit everyone in our community.

We will fight for improved regional public transportation that will connect parents and children to quality schools, job seekers with available jobs throughout our region, and families to healthy and nutritious foods and meal assistance programs.

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