Protect Earned Paid Sick Time

In September, the state legislature enacted a law to ensure all Michigan workers can earn paid sick time off work to use when they need to take care of themselves or a sick loved one. This is great news for working families, children and employers across the state. But a bill has been introduced in the State Senate that could gut or even repeal the new law before it can take effect. Contact your legislator today tell them to protect sick time for all workers!

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No one should lose their job because of a 48-hour flu. But for too many working families, a minor illness has always presented a major dilemma: miss out on a day’s pay to get better or go to work sick and miserable and spread illness throughout the workplace?

Thanks to the efforts of more than 380,000 concerned Michigan residents who signed and gathered petitions demanding action on this issue, the legislature in September enacted a law to ensure all Michigan workers can earn paid sick time off work.  But a bill has just been passed by the State Senate that essentially eliminates this benefit before the new law can take effect. Contact your legislator today tell them to protect sick time for 1.6 million workers and their families!

We must act now to protect this important worker benefit!

Why protect paid sick time? 

United Way for Southeastern Michigan is one of many organizations that have joined a coalition called MI Time To Care. The coalition aims to ensure paid sick time is available to all Michigan workers.

United Way supports this effort because the earned paid sick time law has a positive impact on the Health, Education and Economic Prosperity of millions of families. Workers who can take time to care for themselves have an improved level of health and don’t risk of losing their job due to an illness. Children can get a better education when they can rest and recover while sick rather than suffer through a school day.

The law, as initially enacted:

  • Benefits 1.6 million private sector workers who haven’t had access to paid sick leave 
  • Ensures 1.5 million Michigan children who live in families in which all parents work are able to stay home with a parent when sick 
  • Protects low-wage workers from losing a job because of illness or a need to care for a family member
  • Improves employee productivity and morale while reducing turnover
  • Prevents the spread of illness not just in individual workplaces, but across the community 
  • Reduces chronic absenteeism in schools

What does the law do? 

Under the version of the law that was initially enacted, Michigan workers would be guaranteed to earn at least one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked up to a minimum of either 40 or 72 hours per year depending on the size of their employer.

With guaranteed paid sick time, workers can take time off to recover or care for family members. In fact, if a paid sick time policy were implemented nationwide, it’s estimated that 1.3 million emergency room visits would be eliminated each year, saving $1.1 billion annually in costs to individuals, private insurers and public programs like Medicare and Medicaid. 

Contact your legislators and tell them to protect paid sick time today!

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