Tax reform recap

Despite strong opposition from United Way for Southeastern Michigan, United Way Worldwide and various other members of the charitable, nonprofit and business communities, Congress passed a new tax plan that could result in a dramatic reduction in both public and private support services that help people in need.

We opposed this measure because it will:

Cut essential programs

This tax bill is expected to result in a $1 trillion increase to our budget deficit, inevitably leading to cuts for essential programs and supports for children, seniors and families. Congress has already announced an intent to reform Medicare and Medicaid, food assistance programs, social security and other safety net programs.

Significantly reduce charitable giving

This bill is expected to decrease charitable giving by $13.1 billion annually by reducing the ability of Americans to itemize their taxes. Cuts to federal safety net programs combined with decreased funding for charitable organizations that are already straining to meet the needs of their communities could leave many struggling families with no support in a time of crisis.

Increase health care costs

This bill eliminates a key element of the Affordable Care Act — the individual mandate. This will raise health care costs exponentially for millions of Americans and ultimately result in a dramatic increase of the number of uninsured.

What’s next?

With the help of our advocates, we sent 108 letters to elected officials in just two weeks, urging them to vote against this bill. We will continue to advocate for programs and legislation that benefit the families in our community. Click here to sign up for our policy updates to stay informed and join our efforts.