End Housing Discrimination and Build Stronger Communities

Published on June 14, 2022 in

Michigan is suffering from a serious shortage of affordable housing. This problem is made worse when families are turned away by landlords or lenders solely because they receive income from sources other than traditional employment. These can include veterans’ benefits, Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV, also commonly referred to as Section 8), child support, or disability benefits. It’s time for the legislature to mandate fair treatment for people seeking housing regardless of their lawful source of income.

Housing vouchers serve as valuable tools for low-income families to secure stable housing in neighborhoods of their choice. The Michigan ALICE Report shows us that before the pandemic even hit Michigan, one in three households couldn’t afford basic needs like housing, and the economic challenges caused by COVID-19 and inflation have surely worsened the situation. All families deserve safe, secure, and affordable housing — regardless of their income. That’s why United Way has partnered with HOPE Hospitality and Warming Center to advocate for the removal of barriers like source of income discrimination, that contribute to Michigan’s affordable housing crisis.

Our families and communities are counting on Michigan’s legislators to end this discriminatory practice and promote equitable access to housing. Take action below to urge them to pass the source of income discrimination legislation today!

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