End Housing Discrimination and Build Stronger Communities

Published on October 11, 2023

Despite the vast need for affordable housing in Michigan, many families are turned away by landlords or lenders solely because they receive income from sources such as veterans’ benefits, child support, Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV – also commonly referred to as Section 8), or disability benefits. It’s time for the legislature to end source of income (SOI) discrimination by passing legislation to mandate fair treatment for people seeking housing regardless of their lawful source of income. Take action to call for this change today!

The Michigan ALICE Report shows us that before the pandemic even hit Michigan, one in three households couldn’t afford basic needs like housing, and these economic challenges have only been exacerbated as a result of the pandemic and inflation. At United Way, we believe all families deserve safe, secure, and affordable housing — regardless of their income. However, Source of Income discrimination serves as a barrier towards this goal, preventing low-income families from securing stable housing in neighborhoods of their choice. Receiving financial support from a lawful but nontraditional source of income such as HCVs or Social Security should not affect a household’s ability to put a roof over their head.

Our families and communities are counting on Michigan’s legislators to end this discrimination and promote equitable access to affordable housing. Join us in urging them to pass legislation prohibiting Source of Income discrimination today!

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Tell Michigan legislators to end source of income discrimination today!