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Dear United Way Supporter,

In 2017, United Way for Southeastern Michigan marked its centennial year in our community.

I am honored to serve you and our community during this historic time. And I am sincerely inspired by the dedication and commitment of partners like you. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I extend my thanks and appreciation for your support.

While our nation faced a year of political and ideological divisiveness, United Way continued its mission to bring people of all different backgrounds together. Whether red or blue, black or white and everything in between, we all share commonalities: hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

Throughout this annual report, you’ll see examples of the lives you helped impact for the better. Thanks to our partners and supporters, more children were able to access healthy meals. More parents took workshops to strengthen their caregiving skills. More students got out of the classroom and into a career setting to prepare for life after graduation. And more individuals were able to access financial coaching resources to support their households.

These stories fill me with optimism, but there is still more work to be done.

As a business leader and community member, I believe we all have a responsibility to make our region a great place to live, work and play. But in order for our region to prosper, we must have an educated, skilled workforce and jobs that can support a family’s needs. United Way has a plan to get us there — but we will need you by our side.

I hope you are inspired by what you helped accomplish in 2017, and I hope you’re energized for the year ahead. It’s going to be a busy one.

Thank you,
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Mark Petroff

Board Chair, United Way for Southeastern Michigan
President and CEO, Marketing Associates LLC

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Our Year

In Review

With a nod to the past and a focus toward the future, United Way for Southeastern Michigan's 2016-17 fiscal year centered on a century of impact, widespread accomplishments and a world of future potential for our region. We celebrated 100 years of Living United in Southeastern Michigan. YOU - our donors, advocates, volunteers and partners - made it possible.

Our Year In Review

On Our Way

"Together, we are a song. We are a triumphant troop, walking united for another hundred years."

That's how recording artist, arts educator and United Way brand ambassador Mahogany Jones summed up United Way's work in the new brand anthem video we debuted over the summer. During a community search for a local poet, Mahogany's "On Our Way" submission was a clear winner.

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Between the resilience of the people who live in Detroit and United Way's heart for service, I was really inspired.

- Mahogany Jones, recording artist, arts educator and United Way brand ambassador


Our Year In Review Partnering for prosperity

We partnered with the city of Detroit and the Accounting Aid Society
to help 18,150 Detroit families claim the Earned Income Tax Credit.

$74M In Tax Refunds
Back into the community

$4K Average
In refunds per family

Finding Their

8,500 students
in 16 schools

are prepared for the workforce through hands-on experience in career fields like firefighting, science and medicine, information technology and media.


Together with the district, we help Detroit public schools students create a plan for the future and find a path to realize their full potential.

- Tammie Jones, vice president, education and economic prosperity, at United Way

Fueling their

1.5 Million

summer meals served.

350 Students

in Hazel Park high schools were provided grab-and-go breakfast every morning.


By offering flexibility to students and making it simple for them to eat as their day begins, their minds are sharper and their attention span is longer.

- Sara Gold, healthy kids director at United Way


234,208 people contacted 2-1-1 for assistance with utilities, food, shelter and more.


1,627 families connected to preventative care through the Children's Healthcare Access Program.


29,848 families enrolled in utility assistance through the DTE Energy Low-Income Self-Sufficiency Plan.

the future

$6 million

federal grant from the Social Innovation Fund.


Ages and Stages Questionnaires completed for children from birth to age 5 to help parents and caregivers recognize developmental delays.

Advocating for
smart policies

Our advocates fought for quality, affordable health care and child nutrition legislation.


letters were sent to lawmakers for two health care campaigns.

Affordable Care ActAffordable Care Act
Children's Health Insurance ProgramChildren's Health Insurance Program
Advocate Today

This year, our advocates stood up in a big way for quality affordable health care, strong child nutrition policy and the voting rights of every citizen. With every action we take, our goal is to make life better for Southeastern Michigan families.

- Kyle DuBuc, director of public policy at United Way


Goes Digital


people signed up for volunteer
opportunities in the first six months after
our new volunteer portal launched.


as many volunteers as the
same time frame last year.

Volunteer Today

We're able to offer a better experience to our partners and our volunteers, all in one place.


- Angela Beckman

volunteer engagement director at United Way



was raised to support our Bib to
Backpack work at our Women United
International Women's Day event.

The support of our Alexis de Tocqueville members ensures individuals and families get the resources they need to live healthy, productive lives. We are grateful to be creating real change in Southeastern Michigan.

- Lisa Ford, Alexis de Tocqueville chair



Our Alexis de Tocqueville Society reached

520 members
and raised $6M

for community programs.

Making An

Our Emerging Philanthropists reached

216 Members
and raised $245,000

for community programs.


180 Runners
70 volunteers
$89,583 RAISED

Plans are already in the works for the 2018 marathon.

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Circle graph Created with Sketch. $55M invested directly to fund Community Impact $20.8M Health $9.2M Designations $20.2M Education $4.8M Economic Opportunity


(Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017)

Community Investment:

*United Way updated its funded partner allocation process during the 2016-2017 year, (this affected FYE 2017 only) by extending 12-month contracts to 18-month contracts. Partners were paid monthly and quarterly, with some payments distributed into the next fiscal year, but credited to the 2016-2017 FYE.

Sources of Revenue

($ in millions)

  • Annual Campaign (net of Collection Loss)
  • Fee for Services, Grants and Bequests
  • Other Revenue

Uses of Expenses

($ in millions)

  • Community Impact (including designations)
  • Fundraising
  • Administration

2016-2017 Board of directors


Sergio Marchionne
President and CEO, FCA


Lizabeth Ardisana


Mark Petroff


Mark W. Stiers


Deborah L. Macon


Tonya Allen

Elizabeth A. Alvarez

Bryan C. Barnhill, II

Rick Blocker

Beth Chappell

Mark Davidoff

Andrew Echt

Frank W. Ervin, III

David Foltyn

Lisa V. Ford

Charles E. Hall

Brian D. Harlow

Srikant Inampudi

Hassan Jaberr

James Jacobs, Ph.D.

Steven A. Kiefer

Mary Kramer

Leslie A. Murphy

Heather C. Paquette

Sandra E. Pierce

Michael T. Ritchie

Lynda Rossi

Ray Scott

Ed Siaje

Reginald M. Turner

James G. Vella

Ken Whipple


Whether you've been a donor, an advocate, a volunteer or someone who's been helped by United Way, you've been part of a century of impact. You're creating a brighter future for everyone. Because of you, children enter the kindergarten classroom ready for success. Kids have a place to turn for a free, nutritious meal all year long. And high school students have a clear vision of success after graduation.

Thank you for supporting United Way. You're part of a legacy that has helped Southeastern Michigan families for 100 years.

Here's to the next century.